Crossbill Staghorn Sumac Gin 50cl 46% ABV



Crossbill Staghorn Sumac Gin

A celebration of the natural habitat of the Scottish Crossbill’s cousin, the North American Red Crossbill. Working in collaboration with a forager in New Hampshire, they picked fresh Staghorn sumac, traditionally used by Native Americans to make pink lemonade, and infused it with fresh Scottish Juniper and Rosehip to give a unique dry citrus burst.

Tasting Notes

Exceptionally dry and unique gin with a pleasant tangy taste of citrus fruitiness. Best enjoyed neat over some ice.

Declared Style

Staghorn Sumac gin offers a floral and tangy flavour which can be paired with tonic to create a light and refreshing drink.

Crossbill products are made from natural ingredients and unfiltered, hence small amounts of sediment or fruit fibres may occur.

Crossbill Distilling is an established distiller with experience dating back to 2006. Gin production began in 2012 in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. In 2017 they relocated to the legendary Barras in Glasgow’s East End, where they distil their range of award-winning, Handcrafted Scottish Gins.

Crossbill Gins are a celebration of Scottish nature, made with wild, fresh botanicals, harvested by hand then slowly macerated in Glasgow before being distilled. They focus on attention to detail to deliver the very best in quality and taste.

They named their brand after the Scottish Crossbill (Loxia Scotia), a small bird belonging to the finch family, which nests in pines and conifers alongside their juniper. It has an unusual crossed beak shape that is used to open pine cones and extract the seeds.

The Scottish Crossbill is listed as the only bird species endemic to the British Isles. The population is thought to be less than 2000 birds.

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