Copper in the Clouds Mango & Black Pepper Gin 43% ABV

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Copper in the Clouds Mango & Black Pepper Gin.


In 2014, a company commissioned a group of food scientists to look in depth at what the best possible garnish was for a G&T. The answer, surprisingly, was a slice of mango and cracked black pepper. Copper in The Clouds always thought that had sounded pretty good, but why stop at garnishing it with that? With their new Copper in the Clouds Mango and Black Pepper Gin, theyโ€™ve infused these flavours directly into the gin using fresh, ripe mango and the best peppercorns available.


Quite simply, Copper in the Clouds is a small, tight-knit team, working from a farm in Hertfordshire, striving to make the very best spirits and package them in a way that delights. Every spirit they create starts with the same question. What story do they want this liquid to tell? From celebration spirits to woodland walks, each distillate tells its own tale. The team here spend all of their time dreaming up ideas and distilling their sprits, so you can make the tastiest drinks for you and your friends to enjoy.


Surrounded by woodlands in the Hertfordshire countryside lies Dowsetts Farm. A stunning setting to work from everyday. In an old, restored tractor workshop lies the home of Copper in the Clouds. All of their products are distilled using their two flame fired, copper pot stills. Copper in the Clouds macerate their botanicals before heating the still to extract more intense flavours and aromas. The result is a beautifully pure and clean spirit of the very highest quality.

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