Coachbuilt Blended Whisky 70cl 46% ABV



Coachbuilt Whisky Build No.001

Aromas of fresh tropical fruit bring you in, while notes of subtle caramel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate lead the palate. The finish is long and dry, led by winter spice and coffee.

Inspired by…

the historic art of automotive coachbuilding – where a custom-made body is seamlessly merged with a specific chassis – Coachbuilt creates a bespoke and distinctive blended Scotch whisky, where each element complements the other.

To celebrate and elevate the art of blended Scotch whisky with an emphasis on precision, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Using liquid from all five regions of Scotch Whisky, Coachbuilt embodies flavours from every corner of Scotland. Each and every component is of the utmost importance, and piecing them together takes extreme skill and craftsmanship.

“Our founder, George Koutsakis, was on a mission to celebrate the art of blending to bring together all that was great about the world of Scotch into one incredible blend.


At the same time George was busy perfecting his recipe a chance introduction to F1 legend Jenson Button led to a conversation around his love of coachbuilding and the similarities between that and the art of blending whisky and Coachbuilt was born.”

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