Cairngorm Gin 43% ABV

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Cairngorm Gin

Cairngorm Gin is an award winning hand-crafted artisan gin produced in small batches, of no more than 70 bottles, in their traditional copper pot still in the heart of one of Scotland’s most dramatic landscapes.

Head distiller Jack creates each artisanal gin batch by hand with passion, skill and creativity. During each distillation, the heads and tails are precisely cut to extract only the heart of the spirit and the spirit is left to rest for seven days assuring a smooth finish and full flavour in every sip.

Inspired by the diverse flora and fauna of Cairngorms National Park, they use nine botanicals and the freshest water from the River Spey to produce Cairngorm Gin.

The finest juniper, cloudberries, elderflower and Caledonian pine are intertwined with coriander seed, orris root, sweet orange peel, angelica and kaffir lime leaf to create a wonderfully refreshing, aromatic gin.

Once abundant in the Cairngorms National Park, the cloudberry is now a long-forgotten flavour that they wanted to introduce to their customers. These amber-coloured fruits are rich in vitamin C and only found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The cloudberry shares juicy, tart and sweet characteristics, similar to raspberry and blackberry fruit.

Nestled in a valley beneath the wild and breathtaking Cairngorms mountain range in the Highlands of Scotland, the Cairngorm Gin Company was established in 2019. One of Scotland’s newest micro-distilleries, they passionately distil and bottle their small batch premium spirit using only the finest botanicals and crystal clear water from the River Spey. Bringing you Cairngorm Gin… From their hearts to your home.

Cairngorm Gin founder, Jack Smith, was born and raised in the valley of the River Spey, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. His family has lived in the Cairngorms National Park for decades, sharing a love and respect for the outdoors and the native flora and fauna that surrounds their home.

Jack’s father, grandfather and extended family made their living from the hospitality and catering industry, and from an early age Jack showed a passion for cooking.

This love of cooking fed Jack’s interest in sourcing the finest local ingredients and products and he loved nothing more than experimenting and creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

Jack worked alongside a number of leading Michelin-star chefs but with a desire to return to the Scottish Highlands and a deepening passion for Scottish Gin, an idea formed to create a premium gin that truly captured the essence of the stunning Highland environment he’d grown up in.

Jack returned home to the Highlands to set up his own micro-distillery and worked alongside Master Distiller Lewis Scothern to create a truly unique recipe inspired by the land they live in.

When not busy in the stillroom, or sourcing the finest botanicals that give their gin its unique flavour profile, Jack can be found foraging, walking or skiing in the Cairngorm Mountains.

The Copper Pot Still “Ginger,” is aptly named after Jack’s late grandfather, a great character rather partial to a Gin and Tonic! In fact, he always maintained it was easier to make a G&T than a “cup of tea”.

In memory of his grandfather, it is tradition to toast “Ginger” with a dram from each batch distilled.

The journey has only just begun for the Cairngorm Gin Company. So far, they have been focused on perfecting and producing their signature Cairngorm Gin and look forward to adding more premium spirits to the range in the future.

In-keeping with their locally produced and bottled, artisan, small-batch ethos they are also committed to operating their business with as little impact on the environment as possible and soon hope to offer a bottle refill/ recycling service for Cairngorm Gin customers.

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