Bottega Espresso Liqueur 50cl 20% ABV



Coffee liqueur has a long history that date backs to the time of the Unification of Italy. With intense aromas and a distinctive taste, it has always met with approval by consumers and it is one of the most popular and highly rated liqueurs. Espresso Bottega is inspired by this long-standing tradition and thanks to the careful selection of the primary ingredients and their expert blending, it is a sophisticated, intriguing and inviting drink.

Coffee is a plant from the Coffea genus and includes about ninety species of small trees and shrubs of the Rubiaceae family. Coffee is found in the mountainous areas of Ethiopia in East Africa, where the Arabica variety is grown which is the finest and most delicate, accounting for 70-75% of production worldwide. Coffee, renowned for its antioxidant properties, is rich in nutrients and has a stimulating and energising effect. Espresso Bottega is produced exclusively from the Sidamo and Djimmah varieties of Arabica coffee, grown in Ethiopia. The quality, character and personality of this liqueur depend not only on the quality of the primary ingredients, but also on the three different types of roasting used and three different extraction methods of the aromatic component:

  • hot infusion which allows the โ€œmochaโ€ hints to be obtained
  • cold infusion, which adds refinement and enhances the characteristics of the different varieties
  • the classic water-alcohol infusion which adds more body and structure to the product.

Three parts are thus obtained and blended to produce a liqueur with numerous sensory nuances and the appeal of a full-bodied intense perfume and complex, powerful flavour. Before being filtered and bottled, a small percentage of grappa is added to honour the traditional Veneto region ritual of โ€˜resentinโ€™, i.e. using a little of grappa to โ€œrinseโ€ out the coffee cup.

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