Black Robin Rare Gin 70cl 43% ABV



Black Robin Gin 

Naturally Complex, Utterly Delicious.

No Additives, Preservations, Sugar’s or Softeners.

The Nose:

A complex lifted nose, fresh and beguiling.
The multilayered substructure of candied lemon and lime zest rises to a gentle botanical mix of chervil, watercress, parsley and mint in the middle that mixes with an exceptional delicacy of liquorice root and star anise to finish. All the scents are delightfully clear without any hint of alcohol heat to disturb the aroma. 

The Palate

Like the sun rising over the mountain peaks, the piercing clarity of lemongrass and lime zest awakens the sides of the tongue. Meanwhile the weight of the alcohol adds unctuousness to the palate, gently carrying the herbaceous and grassy botanicals through the mouth. The citrus slowly evaporates the body of the drink from the sides to the centre of the tongue, leaving an ethereal hint of liquorice root and star anise spices. There is no harshness and no competition between flavours or aromas, just a gentle evolution of complexity as these nuances interact subtly, harmoniously and naturally.

The Endangered Black Robin

This gin is inspired by the very rare & endangered Black Robin (petroica traversi). Theyโ€™re dedicated to the preservation of the black robin for future generations so with every bottle sold they donate to help protect wildlife and wild places.

Artisan-Crafted Batch Distilled

Black Robin’s Master distiller Michael Deinlein can trace his distilling heritage to Oberammergau, Germany where his family made herbal liqueurs in the 1930โ€™s. He masterfully handcrafts each bach in a Arnold-Holstein copper reflux pot still imported from Germany.

Rare Selection of Botanicals

Black Robin Rare Gin is a refreshingly contemporary interpretation of a London Dry Gin. It has a unique blend of 11 traditional and exotic botanicals from across the globe, in particular some native to New Zealand to honour the black robinโ€™s heritage.

Hand-Painted By NZ Artist

The elegant bottle is an expression of New Zealand artistry with a hand-painted black robin by renowned artist Andrew Barnes-Graham. Itโ€™s a elegant vessel that luminates with light & artisanal depth, one can see elegant filigree etched down the side.

Rare Spirits for Rare Spirits

A rare gin that loves all things rare… rare birds, rare concoctions, rare characters, rare moments… As rare as your spirit.

Rare Moments

Black Robin Rare Gin continues to support the avant-garde… the unorthodox, the experimental & the daring. From rare artists to rare performers, rare causes and rare parties. Free your spirit…

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