Black Cat Aromatic & Spicy London Dry Gin 70cl 43% ABV



Black Cat Aromatic & Spicy London Dry Gin

Black Cat symbol is inspired by the 18th century tale of ‘Old Tom’, the original vending machine, made of circumvent the draconian gin laws of the time.
This connection has fallen away over the interceding years but Black Cats founder has revitalised him in the form of their brand which stands for quality artisan gin, in a bottle labelled with that same cats’ cheeky grin!
A beautifully balanced London Dry Gin containing Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Angelica and Lemongrass as well as complimentary botanicals which lend its distinctive signature notes.
A message from Clare – ” The creation of this gin has been a labour of love for me, a working mum with two children, and something I thought I never would achieve. For you to be reading this is proof that dreams can come true, and I hope you will enjoy this gin for the miracle that it is. From my family to yours, thank you, please enjoy.”


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